How to Keep Mice Out Of Your RV During Winter

In the summer, mice are a nuisance. In winter, they’re dangerous. This is the time of year when you need to take extra precautions to keep them from coming into your RV or home. You may have already noticed that as it gets colder outside, your little furry friends will try anything to stay warm and cosy inside! They’ll chew through wires and insulation until there’s a fire hazard, not to mention how disgusting it is finding their droppings all over everything you own. Therefore, you must seal off any possible entry points with steel wool or heavy-duty mousetraps so they can’t get in at all this winter!

Mouse-proof Your RV

It’s a good idea to check your RV for any potential entry points and seal them with steel wool. Be sure to check all the doors and windows, including the awning, if you have one. Fill in any gaps or cracks you can find near your RV’s gas lines with steel wool, as this is the way; more often than not, how they’ll enter. Make sure you check all the doors and windows to ensure they’re securely shut because mice can fit through very small openings! Also, make sure your vents are closed off. If there’s a vent in your sink or shower that doesn’t have a proper cover on it, make sure to cover it with a few layers of steel wool.

Clean Everything Well

Ensure you clean up any food spills right away and make your home as sterile as possible to the little guys. Store all your food in sealed containers or Ziploc bags, as well as any other items that might have been exposed to food spills. Don’t forget to clean up any crumbs or food remnants in your kitchen and dining area, too! Make sure there’s nothing on the ground where they might be able to get inside and sweep and mop regularly to keep it that way.

Use cat To Patrol the Area

A mouse’s worst enemy is a cat, so it’s always a good idea to get one if you don’t already have one! A cat will not only patrol the area and kill off any rodents; it’ll also keep all other animals out of your RV. And in case you were wondering, no they don’t cause fires. Instead, they can actually prevent fires from happening as they patrol the area.

Store Your Propane Tanks off the Ground

If you’re using propane tanks to keep your home warm during the winter, make sure they aren’t sitting flat on the ground. They can get chewed through and allow mice easy access to them, causing a fire hazard.

Seal Tightly with Mousetraps and Steel Wool

Make sure to place mousetraps at every entrance point, including your vents and any other gaps you can find. If there’s a larger opening than usual, put extra traps around it. You should also use steel wool to fill in any gaps you can find on windows, doors, and vents. If you know there’s a certain spot that mice like to sneak through, make sure to put some traps or steel wool right at it.

Listen for Little Noises

If you don’t want to put out poison but are still worried about mice showing up, you can always opt for traps instead of poison. But before buying any mousetrap for your RV, be sure to bring your ear close to the ground so you can listen for little noises. You should be able to hear little scratching or scurrying noises, and mice shouldn’t be too far off if you think you heard one.

Use Mouse Repellants

You can also try using mouse repellant (one made with peppermint oil and orange oil is ideal), but make sure it’s completely safe for your pets as well. Be sure to do some research before you buy or use any rodent repellant! You can also ask a local pet store if they have any recommendations, and they’ll probably be able to show you some safe options for your furry friends.

Use Vinegar and Essential Oils

If you’re trying to keep mice out during winter without using poison or traps, then vinegar might be your best bet. Simply mix some with water and spray it in one corner of where they tend to sneak through but make sure not to spray it on the actual traps or steel wool. Then, add some essential oils to your mixture, so it smells better. For example, you can use peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and orange oil any kind of natural smell that would repel mice is great when combined with vinegar!

Final thought

In conclusion, there are a variety of ways to keep mice out during winter. You can use repellants or traps and steel wool if you’re looking for an alternative way to kill them without using poisons. If you’re not comfortable with those options, then be sure to store your RV inside where food isn’t left out in the open, and all entrances have been sealed tightly with mousetraps or heavy duty steel wool.

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